5 Korean Skincare Techniques That Will Up Your Glow Game

So you want to make some changes to your skincare routine? Maybe you are considering Korean skincare but don’t know what to do? Where to start? What products to begin with?

Don’t worry! We are here to help you!


Korean skincare routine is all about being gentle and the double cleansing method removes impurities that aren’t harsh nor does it strips the skin of moisture. Beneficial oils protect the skin by locking moisture and keeping it balanced. Nourished and hydrated skin does not get irritated or sensitized. Hence, two cleansers help in making skin healthy and balancing sebum production. 


Oil-based cleansers remove impurities like excess sebum, makeup and sunscreen without disrupting natural oil balance. While hydrating and softening skin, an oil-based cleanser gently removes stubborn harsh makeup and digs deeper in pores to eliminate gunk. 


Water-based cleansers if used alone tend to make skin dry as they have high pH and sulfates. However, in a double cleansing routine, the residue of oil-based cleansers is removed by a water-based cleaner. This helps in cleansing skin without disrupting the skin barrier.


Korean toners are not stringent nor loaded with alcohol like a typical Western toner. Powered with an acid mantle, Korean toners are best in moisturizing skin and keeping bacteria at bay. Acid mantle acts like an invisible chemical barrier with a pH of 5.5 which is mild and drenches skin with hydrants.


As an integral part of Korean beauty regime, essences are used to flood skin with hydration. Skin mustered with essence is like a wet sponge. A hydrated sponge works best in wiping spills as opposed to a dry one. This is because a wet sponge has a higher absorption power making it effective and efficient. 

Similarly, essences are powerful hydrants for skin as it helps in absorbing most benefits from your skincare routine. Dry skin is prone to becoming irritated and often has visible signs of premature aging. Hence, a plump skin glows and looks fresh. 


Serums have a higher concentration of active ingredients so they have a vicious texture when compared with essences. The gel like substance has heavy ingredients which targets skin issues like dark spots, dullness and wrinkles. Serums are packed in small vials because a little goes a long way. 

Sheet Masks/Sleeping Masks

Sheet masks are soaked in essence and flood skin with hydration. The essence is prevented from evaporating in thin air by the mask itself. So the essence has no option other than staying put on skin. The mask acts like a barrier and they now come with multipurpose like sleeping masks or masks which can be used to plump skin before an event. 

For nighttime routine, masks are used after massaging moisturizer in the skin. The moisturizer acts like a wet sponge and the essence from the mask is absorbed by the skin at a rapid pace. Some masks can be used daily and some masks can be used a couple of times in a week. 

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