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DHC might not be as well-known of a skincare line, but is definitely a cult favorite for customers that are focused on improving their skin conditions. DHC stands for Daigaku Honyaku Center, which started in Japan as an educational translation company in 1972. Their line of products started with skincare utilizing organic olives, having expanded since as Asian skincare has grown more prolific worldwide.

Is DHC a good brand?

DHC is known for their cult classic oil cleanser, the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil. Double cleansing is using both an oil cleanser and water-based cleanser in your skincare regimen. This and other beauty traditions from Korea and Japan made this very popular for those first being introduced to Asian skincare. Used dry, it effortlessly removes impurities and melts away excess sebum. Their products do not include skin irritants like: fragrance, dyes, parabens, mineral oil, or petroleum-based surfactants. Their other skincare lines include ingredients mainly for normal to dry skin, and include ingredients to combat signs of aging as well. Their Deep Cleansing Oil and cleansers are well formulated and gentle. Their key ingredient is not one of the new ones, but the brand is tried and true. Their moisturizers are a rich experience if you have dry skin. Their cleansers leave skin feeling refreshed and without residue. These days, there are variety of other ingredients out there that also help to gently cleanse your skin that are not olive oil based. Olive oil, as an ingredient, is just not as trendy anymore, but it really is effective for certain people.

Is DHC natural?

DHC uses virgin olive oil in a few of their skincare lines. Olive oil is high in antioxidants, vitamin E and polyphenols. Their items are formulated so it hydrates, yet does not clog your pores. The olive oil is refined to be rich, a major factor being them crushed before their first cold pressing, so that you are only left with the most nourishing ingredients. DHC embraces the concept of wabi sabi, which is to accept imperfections as they are. As such, they emphasize the use of natural ingredients.

Where can I buy DHC?

In the early 00's and 10's, DHC was only found in specialty stores that carried other Japanese cosmetics brands and makeup. But the rise of double cleansing has made DHC widely accessible brand, and if you are shopping from Canada you can find it on Amazon, the DHC website, or even Ulta. You can still find at Asian pharmacies or stores that specialize in skincare, but you can also find it easily from online cosmetic sellers.

Is DHC a Japanese brand?

Yes, DHC is a Japanese beauty brand. DHC has been around for a long time. In the West, their brands often were only carried in specialty stores when partners did not know about DHC, but with better online information and increased customer demand DHC is slowly becoming readily accessible everywhere.
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