COSRX Canada

COSRX is a popular South Korean skincare brand for a good reason. The thorough process of a Korean skincare routine is becoming more well-known and made more widely available. Even though COSRX is a Korean brand, its products are now available in Canada!

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COSRX – Balancium Comfort Ceramide Hand Cream Intense 50ml
COSRX – Balancium Comfort Ceramide Hand Cream Intense 50ml
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COSRX Balancium Comfort Ceramide Hand Cream Light 50ml
COSRX Balancium Comfort Ceramide Hand Cream Light 50ml

COSRX for Skin Care

COSRX skin care products have a wide range that addresses many different skin concerns and works with people with different skin types. COSRX offers expertly formulated products with a clean and concise ingredients list. Some popular and effective ingredients they integrate into their skin care include snail mucin, Centella Asiatica, rice extract, hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, apple fruit water, salicylic acid, and many more to help you achieve your skin goals.

COSRX for Acne Patch

Acne breakouts are a concern to many people, and the COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patches help to cover and heal breakouts while you sleep. These are a waterproof spot pimple patch that comes in different sizes that protect pimples from bacteria and absorb impurities without drying out your skin. You can even wear them during the day and hide them with a bit of makeup. These are an effective pimple patch that can significantly reduce the redness and appearance of your pimple.

COSRX for Cleanser

COSRX offers different categories to address different skin types. Based on your skin concerns, you can pick the best cleansing product type for you. Two cult favorite cleansers that have grown in popularity through Instagram are the COSRX Low pH Morning gel cleanser and the COSRX Salicylic acid daily gentle cleanser. With all the different items that the brand offers, the products are your own skin concierge made to fit your specific needs. Cleanser is an important step in your skincare routine and the gentle pH formulations of COSRX products help to cleanse and keep your skin feeling refreshed.

COSRX for Toner

While toner is not as popular in the West, many Korean beauty brands recommend toners to prep the skin for more products. Toner is another important step in a Korean skincare routine. The COSRX COSRX Toner includes AHA, which helps to chemically exfoliate the pores. The COSRX toner is infused with natural acids and products that help to create a glowing complexion. Like with their other products, there are many different toners that work for your specific skin type. Their alcohol-free option is great for those with oily skin. Others are used for a specific treatment such as added hydration or eliminating blackheads. If you have blackheads, we recommend learning how to use Cosrx blackhead power liquid

COSRX for Snail Mucin

Snail Mucin is a popular ingredient that may sound especially gross in English. Many Korean brands use this as an ingredient. since it has special healing and strengthening properties. COSRX offers this well-known ingredient in an essence as well as a cream. They are lightweight, yet concentrated which helps to provide anti-aging properties. This is an essential product in many K-beauty skincare collections. Get the most out of this product line by learning how to use COSRX Snail Mucin

COSRX for Cream

Cream can be difficult to choose to fit your skin needs. Especially for acne-prone skin, some items are too heavy and can cause even more breakouts. COSRX has many different creams that help to balance out the skin with many calming ingredients such as tea tree oil of Centella. These are also popular ingredients that help to reduce irritation and lessen inflammation or fit your specific skin type.

Is COSRX a Good Brand?

COSRX has created effective skin care products that are simple, year affordable. While many higher-end skincare items focus on the bottle, COSRX focuses and accounts for customer satisfaction rather than flashy packaging. This way they are able to keep their products affordable and available to a wide audience. Their website even offers a skin care guide, skincare tips, and extensive customer care to make sure you are getting the treatment you deserve. Even though you can find their products in stores, they ship all over the country right to the delivery address. Just add to your cart, checkout, and you are on your way to amazing skin.

Is COSRX All Natural?

The formula of COSRX products are all-natural and includes powerful botanical ingredients offered in their menu of products. The minimal ingredients do not contain harmful chemicals and help you sort out any problem that you may have with your skin.

Who Owns COSRX?

COSRX was founded by Sanghood Joon who is committed to bringing all-natural effective skin care products at an affordable price. COSRX has all rights reserved on the formulation of their products and you will surely not be disappointed in the products you are receiving. The brand focuses on things that are important such as sourcing natural ingredients, excellent customer service, and simply effective skin care at a low price.
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