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The company was named Innisfree after a famous poem written by William Butler Yeats. The poem “The Lake of Innisfree” is about leaving a common city life and moving to a beautiful island. This is a suitable name for the South Korean beauty company because of the nature behind the brand’s products. Enjoy Innisfree in Canada today!

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Innisfree – Cauliflower Mushroom Vital Lip & Eye Cream 30ml
Innisfree – Cauliflower Mushroom Vital Lip & Eye Cream 30ml

Innisfree for Skin Care

Innisfree offers a wide range of skincare products that are all based around naturally sourced ingredients. All their products ingredients are sourced from an island, not far from Seoul, named Jeju Island. Innisfree offers many different beauty items including cleansers, toners, moisturizers, serums, masks, essences, eye care products, UV sunscreen products, targeted treatments, lip care, and more. These items contain nourishing and purifying ingredients such as green tea, volcanic ash, green barley, black tea, lemon, natural oil, and many more.

Is Innisfree a good brand?

Simply put, the quality of their products and the mindfulness of the brand, set Innisfree apart, making it one of the top K-beauty brands on the market. Jeju is a popular vacation destination that originated from volcanoes. This makes it full of a wide variety of different natural ingredients that are able to address many different skin concerns. Along with sourcing all-natural ingredients from Jeju Island, Innisfree also makes sure to take an environmentally friendly approach that preserves the environment that they take from. Not only are Innisfree's skincare products effective, the companies ethical approach to sourcing and maintaining its environment makes it one of the top beauty brands in its category.

Why is Innisfree so popular?

Innisfree has been popular in Korea for a long time, but bringing it to other countries has helped others discover the options and services that they have to offer. Natural ingredients Jeju's Volcanic Island produces fertile land and pure water that makes some of the best skincare ingredients including volcanic clay, sea salts, green tea, and tangerine which has plentiful Vitamin C. Sourcing natural ingredients means that there are less harmful chemicals and preservatives that could harm your skin. Environmentally Conscious The brand focuses not only on their sourcing of natural ingredients but making sure they reduce their carbon footprint. They use eco-friendly packaging and also participate in environmentally-conscious initiatives such as a bottle recycling campaign. They address many different skin concerns Everybody has different skin types and conditions they are prone to. With all the different natural ingredients that Innisfree sources, they help to prevent and provide different benefits for different skin types. Seaweed can be beneficial for wrinkles, orchid can be helpful in anti-aging, volcanic helps to purify the pores, soybean can help with tightening, Vitamin C from tangerines can be great for lightening, and other nourishing products can be great for sports and moisturization. Reasonable Pricing Even with natural ingredients and ethical sourcing, the brand manages to keep its skincare products affordable and available to everyone. There are many high-end brands on the market that focus way more on branding and packaging making the price high. Innisfree focuses on the customer and makes sure that anyone is able to purchase their effective products. They also provide all the information you need to choose the right products for your skin.

Is Innisfree a Korean brand?

Innisfree is a South Korean brand that was founded by Suh Sungwhan who was inspired by his mother who created beauty treatments using camellia oil.  He continued her legacy and discovered the amazing island of Jeju. Even though Innisfree is a Korean brand, they have a flagship store in many places including the United States, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, Australia, China, and Taiwan.

Does Sephora have Innisfree?

Since the brand focuses on the customer experience, they have focused on bringing their products to Sephora making them more widely available. Although the store may not have all the items that Innisfree has to offer, they do offer some of the most popular products including Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum, Innisfree Green tea foam cleanser, Volcanic Ash clay mask, No-Sebum mineral pact, hair products, makeup, and many more skin care products. The Sephora partnership helps to bring Innisfree products to more customers and introduces the Korean skin care routine to English-speaking customers. The translation of their products and directions helps to bring K-beauty to a wider audience. It can be hard to buy Korean skincare from a website in Korean, but Sephora and other global sites have the translation for the ingredients and directions to make it easy to use for everyone.

Should I buy Innisfree Products?

Innisfree excels in the formula of its products, the price is right, and they focus on providing satisfactory customer service. You are able to get help through the email address, the app as well as Facebook. They put excessive thought into every ingredient that goes into their different formulas. The mask is a best-selling product, as well as their cream, and cleansers, which are all part of the steps of a Korean skincare routine. The brand provides many different options and versions of the products for different skin types. Some help to replenish and boost skin cells, while others help to reduce fine lines or purify pores. You can find their products at stores or on their site and you are sure to be satisfied with the results.
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